"Young Scholars Retreat in Maseno"

On 17th November 2012 HP CATALYST had their annual workshop at MASENO PROF, SIGOT’S GARDEN where major topics were discussed and different slides presented by different presenters who keep HP CATALYST alive. The theme of the day “INNOVATION IN STEM LEARNING AND TEACHING FIRST HP” was the brain as ICT, SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION AND YOUNG SCHOLAR FORUM made the body of the workshop.

The workshop attracted many senior lecturer and professor not to mention the young scholars from different department who made the workshop breath to the end, achieving all the set goals of the day.

Among the presenters who took the stage to highlight the history, development and the content of HP CATALYST included:






DR KOWINO opened the workshop with prayers and proceeded to highlight the key values of HP CATALYST. The objective of HP as stated by DR KOWINO was to bring scholars close to lectures and professors through coffee hours and helping the needy in the society by availing the best resources at their disposal example construction of school at bondo and distribution of chemistry software to make practical’s easy and efficient in high schools. He also highlighted the role of HP CATALYST as collaboration, inspiration and taking next step. 

DR.Richard Ochiri (construction catalyst)

He lamented that the work of a chemist in construction Engineering, material analysis that is analysis of sand and water. Innovations i.e. making several bricks at once environmental impact assessment (solving environmental problem)

Level of construction:

·         Survey

·         Material acquisition

·         Building

Mr.Micheka, patron Education catalyst

He stated the key content of 21st century education:

v  It is bold

v  It break the mold

v  It is flexible

v  Creative

v  Challenging

v  Complex

v  Starting with dramatic technological revolution


Student should be able to communicate

Create change personality socially, economically and politically

Seven skills in 21st century

v  Critical thinking and problem solving

v  Collaboration across network and leading by influence

v  A guilty and adaptability

v  Initiative and entrepreneurism

v  Effective oral and writing communication

v  Accessing and analyzing information

v  Curiosity and imagination

“Tony wagner the global achievement gap” 

Role of HP CATALYST in education

v  Making as teachers and global educators

v  Function in an online collaborative, research based environment

v  Creating new social communities and cialisfrance24.com networks

v  Create the global classroom-learners works collaboratively with classmates and other parts of world


Highlights on young scholars networking techniques


Currently internet is the main source for learning about specific issues such as global climate changes or biotechnology

Need for scientific network

v  Featuring of scientific information-too much of information online

v  Cheats an opportunity to share results, protocol, challenge etc.

v  Forum for collaboration or partnership

v  Interaction with the scientist

v  Increased visibility

v  Creation of scientific communication

v  Are in two broad groups: broad interest communication and specialist communities

v  Broad interest communities

v  Research gate-communicate, interact with fellow researchers and build your scientific network

v  Discover-download full text paper and find conferences and research jobs

v  Collaborate-post updates, discuss methods and co-edit with colleague


Changing ideas into money

By: Mr. Samuel Waweru. (Stem-preneur)

The course any scholar is taking depends on how he or she market it. He said every scholar is marketable. He insisted that there is a lot of money in science untapped and encouraged scholars to always think out of “box”

How to make money:

v  Entrepreneur don’t sleep

v  The main resources of making money is not money it is knowledge

v  You can make money without employment

v  Advertise yourself because if you don’t you will be the one who knows your own product

v  Be creative and imaginative

v  Within the first month after completion if you are not employed employ yourself

v  The answer to yourself is you


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