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HP Catalyst is global network of consortia that is developing more effective approaches to 
science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. The goal is to transform STEM learning and teaching, and to inspire students to use their technical and creative ingenuity to address urgent social challenges in their communities. What’s needed is fresh thinking about STEM education that incorporates important new disciplines in an interdisciplinary way, emphasizes creative and global collaboration skills, and puts student empowerment at its core.

hp catalyst MMUST chapter brings together students and Lecturers  who work together to create a network of consortia building a cohesive, student-centered approach to STEM+ education, HP catalyst MMUST chapter is creating space  for innovation that improves student performance. 

So far hp catalyst has managed to undertake the following projects in the community;

1.Building of a secondary school called Hufumbrwe secondary schoool at Siaya County

2.Distribution of Computers to Secondary schools

3.Distribution of Chemistry Practicals Emulation Softwares including Training on Using the Softwares.


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HP Catalyst MMUST chapter develops more effective approaches to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. 


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Isaac K Owino

Charman Pure and Applied Chemistry

Masinde Muliro University

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