"East African Computation Infrastructure at MMUST"

Project 1: East African Computation Infrastructure at MMUST

Introduction: This facility is located in the Science Complex Building room 210. MMUST is exploring how to use a collaborative online learning environment to address  major societal challenges in East Africa.


Through a grid service infrastructure for computational chemistry  (via an HP server) that links to  other institutions, students and researchers at MMUST and its partners will share access to high quality science resources at MMUST and its collaborating  institutions that would normally be out of reach due to cost. The platform will be connected to the existing Brain Gain e-infrastructure and will allow access to molecular databases, softwares and support computer techniques as a means to explore and alleviate Africa’s ongoing struggle with the adoption of modern teaching technologies in science  and engineering. Through this facility, MMUST students will be able to access the scientific equipments and lecture sessions remotely. The idea https://www.cialissansordonnancefr24.com/ here is to  use technology to remove the geographic boundaries between students, their lecturers/teachers and  teaching resources. This facility will also be connected to the participating high schools in the project. Through these initiatives, the  “East African Computational  Infrastructure” project is providing the means for the next generation of scientists in East Africa to gain access to research tools, resources and skills. 

Project Status
: the initial stages of this project involved interior design and construction of the room of the room to be used as the
computation science laboratory and the e-ealrning facility as shown in the picture on the right.


On-going activities  include the setup of 

the network system  and configuration computers  for virtual connectivity.    

Other utility values of the facility: Besides serving as an e-learning portal, the new facility services as the MMUST HP Catalyst Office from which project activities are coordinated. Occationally, the project members and other staff at the university have found it useful  for holding workshops, seminars and boardroom meetings. 

For example, the facility was recently used by the Faculty of Science  and Faculty of Engineering to host Prof Lee Blanley of University of Maryland at Baltimore County who had visited by the University on 22nd January 2013. During this occation, he presented his research work on water quality in India and Kenya (the Isongo Water Project funded by Engineers without Borders). Nodes of collaoration between the MMUST and UMBC were identified for future activities.

Prof Lee Blanley of the University of Maryland at Baltimore County (UMBC) giving a seminar to members of the Catalyst  Initiative, MMUST staff and the MMUST Young Scholars.


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