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The Young Scholars Forum offers future young scientists and engineers a unique opportunity for hands-on experience while still in high school and in the University during their undergraduate program. The program is open to students in counties which border the University namely Kisumu, Siaya, Busia, Kakamega and Bungoma and Trans-Nzoia. The critera for selection is based on the expression of  interest by the students which are then reviewed by the faculty.The number of students  selected depends  on availabilty of funds.

Laboratory research experiences. Both undergradautes and high school students are encouraged to work in research laboratories within the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering. The young scholars are norrmally assigned to  work with faculty  associated with MMUST HP Catalyst on on-going research in  the departments of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Computer Science and Civil and Structural Engineering.
Seminars and Workshops for Career Exploration: Special seminars are continually organized to introduce the young scholars to engineering and science research and innovation. Students are also introduced to visiting scholars as a means of sharpening their networking skills.


Benton Onyango (Left) and Dickson Cheruyot pose for picture with Prof Lee Blanley  of UMBC during a vistit by the Enginners without Boarders to MMUST (January 22nd 2013).


In such occations the University students are encouraged whenever possible to exchange of ideas and contacts with the visiting scholars.  

Occassionally, education and career counseling is also provided to the students to equip them with soft life support skills. For example, the MMUST Catalyst team recently organized levitra list price a seminar for the young scholars in the home of of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs (DVC AA) Prof Asenath Sigot.

Prof Sigot is both a nutrition scientists and educationist with a passion for youth. The students were provided with a round table inter-faculty networking session amongst other things. Dr Jackson Cheruyot, Engineer Samule Waweru , Mr Ronald Michieka and Dr Richard Onchiri provided presentations covering application of science and technology in the job market (STEMpreneurs), the use of ICT in STEM+, and career opportunities. A case study on STEMprenur by one of the students, Mr Josephat Simba Samusi of Civil and Structural Enginnering, was also presented. 



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HP Catalyst MMUST chapter develops more effective approaches to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. 


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